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Healthy Whole Wheat Strawberry Waffles

Updated: Jan 5

Mornings with kids can be busy. Everybody has to get ready for the day and prepare for learning. There isn't much time to cook breakfast, but a healthy breakfast is important for the kids. My husband and I have come up with recipes for the kids in the morning that he can make on his days home, and we can freeze for the whole week. (This recipe makes 6-8 waffles.) All I have to do is warm them up! (When I say we, I research and he executes for the most part. I love reading about nutrition and he loves to cook.) I also think the healthiest diet is one with variety. So, I try to change it up as much as possible. If they had oatmeal pancakes one day, the next day they might have a waffle. I posted previously about the banana oatmeal pancakes we make, now I am excited to share our strawberry waffles.

Waffles aren't usually considered healthy because they generally are made with white flour and sugar, and are topped with copious amounts of syrup. Sometimes they also have butter or oil which can make them more fattening too. These waffles use whole wheat flour and do not have any added sugar (except what is in the yogurt,) butter or oil. Also, you can top them with strawberries instead of syrup. I just defrost frozen strawberries...quick and easy! Additionally, all the products I can buy organic I do, especially strawberries because they are a part of the dirty dozen. We buy a big bag ofr frozen strawberries at Costco every one to two weeks.


2 cups of whole wheat flour.

1 tablespoon of baking powder

2 eggs

2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 cup of strawberry yogurt (We use Stonyfield - organic and relatively low in sugar.) Greek yogurt works also.

1 cup of milk

1/2-1 cup of strawberries depending on your preferences

Non-stick spray.


  1. Preheat waffle iron.

  2. Beat eggs a little so they fluff up.

  3. Add in wet ingredients: milk, yogurt, and vanilla, beat.

  4. Slowly add in flour and baking powder, beat.

  5. Spray waffle iron and make your waffles in accordance to waffle iron's directions.

  6. Top with strawberries. Either defrost some frozen or cut up some fresh. I like to use defrosted frozen strawberries because 1) It's easier and 2) There is a nice amount of juice to pour over the waffle. 3) You can have nice organic strawberries any time of year.

*We use a thin waffle iron because that is what my kids like the best, especially because ours is heart shaped. This recipe works perfectly with that. If you want to try it out, I've linked a few below. Remember you can also arrange the heart to make a shamrock like I did here. I think you could also make a butterfly...I'll try that get back to you!

This article contains affiliate links from Amazon. I may make a small commission from purchases at no cost to the reader. (Also, no purchasers are identified to Dragon Mama. Your privacy is important.)

And, if its a weekend, we might even add a heart shaped slice of bacon!

I hope you enjoy these waffles and mix and match with different fruit flavors. Blueberries make an excellent topping and Stonyfield makes blueberry yogurt as well. Impress your kids with a beautiful, warm, healthy and yummy breakfast on a weekday!

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