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Put Me in the Zoo Pudding

Updated: Jan 10

Put Me in the Zoo is a great book for Read Across America Week. Robert Lopshire wrote and illustrated the book in a very similar way to Dr. Seuss. In fact, it was reportedly edited by Dr. Seuss and is a part of his, "I can read it all by myself beginner books collection." Besides being easy to read, fun and colorful, it is about their being a special "spot" for everyone. This book is good for toddlers learning their colors, beneficial for kindergarten and first graders learning to read, and a good story for kids a little older too. Adults and kids alike will all certainly love this treat to go along with the book.

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This recipe is easy enough to make even with toddlers. It has only THREE ingredients with TWO STEPS.

  1. Banana pudding (or other yellow pudding. Lemon would probably work, but I thought banana goes best with cereal.) The pudding is the yellow bade color of the animal. We used a 5.1 ounce box to make 5 nine ounce pudding cups.

  2. Milk to make the pudding. Our box required 3 cups.

  3. Cereal "berries" There is a Captain Crunch Oops All Berries Cereal. Or, you can buy Captain Crunch Berries, or similar cereal, and sort out the berries. This is a great activity for toddlers learning their colors and working on motor skills. The berries are the spots.


  1. Make pudding according to directions.

  2. Layer pudding and cereal spots into clear cups. Again, we used 9 ounce cups.

Happy Read Across America Week!

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