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Thankful Pumpkin Turkey

Do you have any leftover pumpkins you didn't carve? We always end up buying or growing more pumpkins than we need for Halloween, but pumpkins are great to have around for Thanksgiving too. One thing we like to do is make a thankful turkey out of a pumpkin. This is

a fun activity for the family to do together. There is almost no prep work and is simple to assemble. (You can also buy a kit and write on the leaves.)

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Colored construction paper, including orange and red

Pencil, pen or marker

White paint + paintbrush

Scotch tape



  1. Turn pumpkin on its side so the the stem is facing you.

  2. Paint white circles on the pumpkin for eyes. When it dries you can add black dots with Sharpie.

  3. Trace family members' hands and cut out. Leave a little bit of the wrist to fold and tape down.

  4. Write down or draw what you are thankful for this year.

  5. Fold the bottom of each wrist, so the hand can stand up. Tape each to pumpkin.

  6. Cut an orange triangle out of construction paper and tape over stem.

  7. Add a wattle with red construction paper.



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