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Valentine's Day Book Recommendations (Ages 0-7)

Updated: Jan 15

If you search Amazon for Valentine's Day books, a cute selection with glittery pink and red hearts will come up. There are character books like Elmo or Lama Lama, and some good ones about kindness or love. Most are excellent gift choices. (In fact, I bought my 6 year old a Charlie Brown Valentine's book this year.) However, there are also other books, I as a mom like to give because they are about family love and they are relevant all year long. They aren't just about cards and candy, but everlasting and unconditional love in the family.

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My first recommendation is God Gave Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergen. I bought this book for baby dragon's baptism. I have read it during many bedtimes, and it reminds the kids that they were loved even before they were born.

The next two books are both authored by Nancy Tillman. The first book, On the Night You Were Born reinforces the same idea as the book above. The second book, Wherever You Are, my love will find you, tells children that they carry love from their family with them wherever they go. This is an especially important topic during the pandemic where some families have to be apart.

Another classic book that is a good Valentine's or Easter gift is Guess How Much I Love You. This is a fun little tale about the love between a daddy and child rabbit. After reading this book, everyone in the house will be telling each other they love them to the moon and back.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch really makes you feel all the feels. When I got my kids this book last year, my five year was just about the right age to really "get it." It is about the journey of a mom and son's love throughout her lifetime. You have probably read this classic story as a child, but if you haven't read it to your child, it really is a must. (If you have never read it before, get ready for some tears.) And, guess what, it's $5 as well.

Finally, a newer book, but a best seller is the book I've Loved You Forever by Hoda Kotb. Hoda wrote this book for her adopted her daughter. It is a lovely read for any family, but may particularly appeal to families who came together in a nontraditional way.


Finally because I have three male dragons, I had to include these two books I came across.

Happy Reading!

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