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Valentine's Gifts for Little Boys

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day! I adore pink and sparkly hearts, glitter and roses, pearls, red dresses... However, I am a boy mom and these are not the things that they like. But of course, I love to spoil them on Love Day. Last year I made a list of books about family love that I really like as Valentine's gifts because they can be read at bedtime all year long. You can find those here. I recently found another cute one, I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home.

If you are interested in more theme-y books, here are a few that are popular with my boys.

My kids are pretty into Marvel characters right now and they recently have been watching Spiderman and Iron Man movies. In addition, my two year old is loving that new Spidey show on Disney+. Both heroes are red, so they go perfectly for this holiday right? I decided to get my kids web slingers. My three will have a ball silly stringing each other. Another thing I linked are Goo Jit Zus. My kids got a few of these for Christmas and they were a big hit!

I also like to get at least one gift that can "do." This year my youngest is getting a floor puzzle and the other two are getting Lego sets.

Art supplies are always a good choice, especially since my kids always are in need of new supplies because they are so hard on them! If you've read my articles before, you know I like Crayola Wonder because its mess free and Crayola Twistables because they last and don't break! (But, if you do have broken crayons read here.)

There are many cute Valentine's stuffed animals for boys too. Here some I personally found adorable!

Usually, I throw in some Pokemon cards every holiday.

Finally, of course I always add a few treats in. (But not too many because I know they are going to come home from school with a lot!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dragon Mama

P.S. Check out these cute Valentine clothing options.

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1 Comment

Jan 27, 2022

love these ideas. They are always sure to be a hit.. crayons were always well received with my teens when they were little (as were chocolates, even now)!

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