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Dramatic Play Area- Not All Heroes Wear Capes Edition

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

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I recently shared our Marvel dramatic play area. A newer edition to our play area is the "Not

All Heroes Wear Capes" section. Here we have various career clothing, most notably a fireperson's jacket and helmet, a doctor's coat, a construction worker's vest, a police officer's uniform and hat, and what we use as paleontologist gear. Other ideas could be a chef's apron and hat, scrubs, or clothing/uniforms from any occupation your children are interested in. Of course, we have the area to reap all the benefits of dramatic play and learn about different jobs, but also to teach the kids that these real people do incredible and heroic things everyday. And not just first responders and doctors. Ordinary people in their everyday jobs do important work and can make a difference in the others' lives.

I looked for a sign to hang up in their area for some time, and I never found anything I liked. Most of them were geared toward one career or another. Usually they were related to medical jobs or law enforcement. So, when I received my Cricut for Christmas, I knew I would make my own sign. It took my a couple of months, but I finally did it. I ordered removable vinyl and made a simple design. I would share my file but I'm a newbie, and I bet most of you could make a better sign than I did! You may also notice, I had issues with my transfer tape so my letters in heroes is a little off. But, this article is not to show my perfect playroom. It's just to inspire you with an idea.

Finally, I placed some of these command hooks around and hung up our costumes. I think having the outfits on display 1) adds color and fun to the playroom, 2) keeps the from being stored somewhere that uses floor space, and 3) prevents the kids from forgetting about them in a trunk or drawer.

I'd love to hear if you have a similar area in your children's play area or are intending to create one. I knew I had to get motivated before they grow out of the clothes! I love seeing my kids show empathy when they play doctor and exhibit bravery when they play firefighter. I hope you get to experience this joy too! Plus, how cute are they in the in costumes? Definitely photo ops!

Dragon Mama

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Sonja Dziekciowski
Sonja Dziekciowski
May 19, 2022

My youngest LOVES to dress up and do pretend play. Her doctor kit and jacket helped her get excited for doctor's visits.


May 01, 2022

such a wonderful idea.. loved the Marvel area and this one as well..

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