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Marshmallow Painting - Snowmen (Two Ways)

Updated: Jan 5

My 3.5 year old loves to paint with marshmallows. They are perfect for small hands to grasp and fun to squish. They also make a tasty (before or after painting) treat. If you have a toddler who doesn't know not to eat the paint yet, you can always buy edible paint or make it. Baby Dragon used marshmallows to stamp small snowmen and used circular motions to make a big snowman. We have previously used marshmallows for St. Patrick's Day and Easter paintings. So make sure to check those out too.

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For supplies, you can use any type of paint or paper with your marshmallows. We did use crayons and marker on the small snowmen as the details were a little small for my son paint with a brush. As added fun, we made dots of glue and sprinkled on some white sanding sugar we had leftover from Christmas. Of course, glitter would work too!

As far as directions, I showed my toddler an example of how to make the snowmen before he started painting, and he was free to do as he liked. The video below shows the process for the small snowmen.

Here's the big snowman. Baby Dragon used circular motions with the marshmallow to make three balls of snow for the body. This snowman was big enough for him to paint all the details. You could also cut a hat and scarf out of construction paper and glue on for some added fine motor practice.

BONUS IDEA: Have more marshmallows getting stale? Make marshmallow playdough to make a snowman with marshmallows, corn starch and coconut oil. are some really fun snowman books to add to the winter fun!

Dragon Mama

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