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Marshmallow Painting- Easter Edition, Painting With Peeps!

Updated: Mar 29

My youngest had so much fun painting with marshmallows for St. Patrick's Day. (If you missed it, check it out here.) I thought all the kids should try it with Peeps Bunnies. Since we had no plans this Sunday as mom and dad are recovering from colds, today seemed like the perfect day.

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Removable Vinyl - I repurposed the removable vinyl from this project. I just wiped it off and cut from it. 😀 This supply is completely optional if you do not have a Cricut.

Cardstock or Canvas - I used cardstock just so it would be a little sturdy, and I was concerned the removable vinyl would tear regular paper when I pulled it off. Even with the cardstock, the paper did come up a bit in places. Canvas would probably be ideal.

Paint - I used the same Crayola washable paint we usually use (which is good thing because my youngest threw the blue paint pot against the blinds.) I added white to the colors to make them a bit more pastel.

Peeps - For 3 kids, I bought 2 eight piece packs. At first the blue from the peeps did come off a bit into the paint but only the first few dips. We used complimenting colors, so no big deal. Two packs gave us enough to paint and eat! You just cannot do a project like this and not let them indulge. I wanted the kids to wait until they were ALL finished with the project to eat a peep and the little ones were thoroughly annoyed they had to wait for their older brother to finish painting. (He was the last to start.) So, you may want to do tasting first!

Tip: Depending on my kids energy level and supervision required, some projects I paint with them one on one, which I did with this project. I did not want my 2 year old to sneak a paint covered marshmallow while I was helping one of his brothers! With younger kids- you might want to use edible paint.


For the first painting I cut about a 4 inch peep cut out from removable vinyl. I placed it into the center of the paper toward the bottom. Then, I instructed my 5 year old to go to town! I did explain to him the sides of the bunny needed to be covered. Before we pulled the bunny up, the paper looked like this. He chose when he felt he had done enough bunnies. Make sure not to pull the bunny up until the paint is dry.

For the second painting, I changed the position of the bunny, but everything else was pretty much the same.

Finally, I for the third painting, I placed vinyl the words, "Hey Peeps." I originally intended to take the vinyl off, but I made a mistake with it and it needed to stay on. No big deal, I just told my oldest not to cover the words.

Happy Easter!

Dragon Mama

For a tasty Peeps recipe please check out Easter S'mores.

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