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Easter Cookie Cutter Art

Updated: Feb 14

If you have cookie cutters, you have a great art tool for little hands. Plastic is probably better for toddlers and preschoolers, but my almost 4 year old was careful enough for metal ones with supervision. Cutters with rubber grips would be awesome. I linked some below! Cookie cutters are great for honing those fine motor skills and my dragon loves making fun shapes all on his own.

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Another fun thing about this project is that we recycled! We used a large wrapping paper roll that easily unrolled! (It wasn't the type that was glued into a tube.)


  1. We used 5 cookie cutters from a set similar to this.

  2. Paint

  3. Wrapping paper roll. Kraft paper would work equally well, and could double as Easter wrapping!

  4. Ribbon

  5. Glue (We used a glue stick.)

  6. Command Poster Strips (Tape won't hold the roll to the wall.)


This project is pretty self explanatory. We used jumbo blocks to hold down the paper. (BTW all my dragons love jumbo blocks.) Each cookie cutter was assigned a color. My dragon stamped out shapes and he even let mommy do a couple. I let it dry with the blocks in place to help flatten the roll for about a day. I added ribbon and hung it on the wall with the command strips. You could add glitter or a fun quote too!

Happy Easter

Dragon Mama

P.S.You can make this really cool fruit salad with cookie cutters too!

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