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Fork Painting - Thanksgiving Edition.

My youngest dragon loves to paint. I love to give him lots of different materials to paint with. We've used apples, marshmallows, sponges and more. For this project, forks work great to make feathers. Children of any age can do this, and it comes out beautiful!

My son did it at 2 years old, and we still use it as Thanksgiving decor. My 1 year old nephew also made one with a help. What toddler doesn't like banging a fork full of paint down on the table?

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Plastic Forks

Cardstock or other heavy-ish paper.

White copy paper


Scissors and glue.

(Optional- orange construction paper for beak.)


1. Have your child paint one color a time with a fork on a piece of cardstock. We started with yellow, then orange and then red, but you can do it in reverse as well. They can really paint anywhere on the paper using whatever technique they want!

2. Cut the turkey body out from a regular sheet of white paper. If your child is older, they can cut out their own. Then have them color it brown. You or your child can then draw the beak (or use an orange paper triangle) and wattle, then have them add googly eyes.

3. Glue the body on the paper after it has mostly dried. Tah-dah, work of art complete.

Happy Thanksgiving

Dragon Mama

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